Appendix to CA 163: Confections and the English Banquet

by Elise Fleming


Banquet Re-creations

Roundels or Banquet Trenchers


Recipes Omitted from the Published Manuscript

To make almond iumbals.  Martha Washington’s Booke of Cookery, p. 350, #194.  “Lay some almonds 2 dayes in cold water, & then blanch them, & beat them well in A little rosewater to keep them from oyling.  Then mingle them with musk, sugar & ambergreece, & rould ym out as you doe other Jumbals.  Lay them on papers, & set them in A stove with coles, & ye next day, glase them with ye froth of ye white of 2 new layd eggs beaten with sugar, as much as will make it thick as pap.  Then spread it with A knife as thin as you can on the Jumbals.  Then let them stand in the stove again 5 or 6 hours.  Then glase the other side & set them to dry in the oven.”