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1 7/1982 Medieval and Renaissance Eyeglasses
Their History and Construction
2 9/1982 Selections from The Hammer, Part I
Three Small Helms
3 11/1982 Selections from The Hammer, Part II
Plate Armor, Gauntlets, and Roweled Spurs
4 1/1983 Indoor Games, or, How to While Away a Siege
Historical forms of chess, other board games, dice, and cards
5 3/1983 The Compleat Anachronist Handbook of Brewing
Beer, ale, ginger beer, wine, mead, cordials, and notes on storage and drinking vessels
6 5/1983 Over the Edge: The Cavalier Issue
Seven articles on barely-past-period matters: English Civil War, Cavaliers, rapier, and construction of a wheellock rifle
7 7/1983 Pure Air and Fire Indeed a Horse
Equestrian equipment, dressage, breeds, housing, terms
8 9/1983 Leathercraft for Common Usage
Introduction to leatherwork, a cutte bag, button-on pouch, leather bottell, and dice cup
9 11/1983 Thus We Make ayn Mysterie
History and production of English cycle drama/mystery plays
10 1/1984 A Critical History of Illumination in Gaul and France
11 3/1984 Traditional Ballads
12 5/1984 Come Into My Chamber: English Domestic Architecture, 1200-1500
Manors with detail on lighting, furniture, privies, and windows, and instructions for "your own cruck beam, wattle and daub, thatched hovel"
13 7/1984 Period Pornography
14 8/1984 Costuming to a T: Basic SCA Sewing
Introduction to sewing Frankish, Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Greek, and Byzantine costume; pouches, pants, and a Renaissance shirt
15 9/1984 Deer Abbey: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
From Matins to Compline at Deer Abbey; property, income, and policy at Deer Abbey; a detailed, first-person tour of a medieval abbey
16 11/1984 A Compleat Herbal
Herbs as condiments and medicines, scents and dyes, their use and cultivation
17 1/1985 Falconry
Modern and historical information, equipment and methods
18 3/1985 Leatherworking II
Scroll-carrying tube, belt pouch, leather box, black jack, flackett, dagger sheath
19 5/1985 Royal Castlebuilding in Medieval England
The human factor in construction -- architect and workmen, their tasks and schedules, and the financing of the projects
20 7/1985 Barbarian Cultures
Germanic tribes, Slavs, Magyars, and Celts
21 9/1985 Saints of the Middle Ages
Canonization and sainthood, relics, and biographies
22 11/1985 Heraldry: The Design and Submission of Devices and Badges in the SCA
Excellent and friendly advice on designing and registering good heraldry
23 1/1986 Arms and Armour III: Weapons and Armour in Western Europe 400 A.D. - 750 A.D.
24 3/1986 Arms and Armour IV: Weapons and Armour in Western Europe 750 A.D. - 1000 A.D.
25 5/1986 Gardens
Medieval gardens then and now -- plants, construction, and trivia
26 7/1986 Pavilions of the Known World
Instructions for building several medieval-style tents, with diagrams
27 9/1986 Herbs II: An Herbal Grimoire
Fragrances, foraging, dyes, herbal medicine and cosmetics, insect repellent, supplies and suppliers
28 11/1986 OUT OF PRINT
29 1/1987 Weapons and Armour II: Weapons and Armour in Western Europe 1100 A.D. to 1350 A.D.
30 3/1987 Medieval Abbey Life II: Deliver Us From Evil; Thy Will Be Done
Wars of the Roses; beginnings and endings; continuation of deer Abbey, above
31 5/1987 Blackwork Embroidery
A manual of techniques and ideas
32 7/1987 Witchcraft in the Middle Ages: The Persecution of the Church's Enemies
History and religion of witchcraft hysteria in the 12th - 14th centuries
33 9/1987 To Cure Humanity
A comparison of Chinese and Greek medical philosophies and methods
34 11/1987 Russian Folklore
An overview of gods, folklore, and folktales
35 3/1988 An Introduction to Russian Costume
Includes simple patterns and illustrations
36 3/1988 Early Scandinavian Culture
Garb, weaponry, festivities, naming practices
37 5/1988 Archery: The Longbow
History, techniques, equipment construction
38 7/1988 Costume Studies I: Articles from Seams Like Old Times
Flat pattern adaption, early textiles, Renaissance interlaces and cunning cord designs, bibliography
39 9/1988 Costumes Studies II: Articles from Seams Like Old Times
General bibliography of costume, patterns 1340, 1380, 1420
40 11/1988 Costumes Studies III: Articles from Seams Like Old Times
Skirts, costumes 1440-1484, 1550-1595
41 1/1989 Dyestuffs
Medieval dying methods and materials
42 3/1989 Issues in Chirurgery: A Collection from Al-Qanun
Articles about being a medic in the SCA, equipment, and research on period medicine
43 5/1989 A Palette of Period Pigments
Colors used by medieval artists and modern recipes to reproduce them, includes bibliography and Pantone® (PMS) color references
44 7/1989 The Troubadours
A selection of 12th century troubadours, their poetry, and music
45 9/1989 Medieval and Renaissance Choral Music
An introduction to period music and sampling of pleasing (and relatively easy) songs composed before the 17th century
46 11/1989 Judgement of Allah: The Arms and Armor of Islam
Decoration, blades, lances, bows, armor, helmets, shields, military organizations, etc.
47 1/1990 A Primer in Calligraphy and Illumination
An introduction to the arts of calligraphy and illumination for beginners
48 3/1990 A Brief History of the Theater
A broad overview of 2000 years of theater history, including ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, Renaissance England and 16th-17th century Spain and France
49 5/1990 Women in Medieval Times
Social thought about women, laws concerning women, marriage and family, education, etc.
50 7/1990 Armorial Display
Historical forms of armorial display and its use in the Society
51 9/1990 Islamic World: Food, Clothing, Heraldry, and Naming Practices of the Islamic World
52 11/1990 Women in Medieval Times II
Discussion of the social position of women in the Middle Ages
53 1/1991 Cosmetics
Period makeup, perfumes, hair coloring, etc.; includes information on how to replicate the look
54 3/1991 The Mongols: An overview of the Lifestyles, Customs, Laws, Clothing and History of the Mongol People
55 5/1991 A Primer on Period Pottery
A how-to on basic pottery making
56 7/1991 Kyrie Eleison: The Arms and Armor of the Byzantine Empire
Study of the native, regular elements of the Byzantine army, including weaponry, armor, etc.
57 9/1991 A Viking Miscellany
Viking shipbuilding, costuming, loomweaving, etc.
58 11/1991 Medieval Knighthood: The Beginning
How Knighthood came into being
59 1/1992 Women's Garb in Northern Europe, 450-1000 C.E.: Frisians, Angles, Franks, Balts, Vikings, and Finns
Also includes a chapter on textile production
60 3/1992 Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages
Includes history, production, and recipes for making wine, mead, beer, distilled spirits, liqueurs, cordials, and vinegars
61 5/1992 An Encheiridion
The education of a scribe
62 7/1992 The True Trouveres
A description and music (with translation from of old French) or the trouveres music of Northern France
63 9/1992 Medieval Merchants and Artisans
A history of merchants and the merchant class
64 11/1992 Scandinavian Textiles
65 1/1993 A Japanese Miscellany
A quick reference for those interested in period Japan
66 3/1993 A Welsh Miscellany
A brief overview of Welsh culture, the Welsh language, and names and naming practices
67 5/1993 Ars Poetica Societatis
A basic guide to poetics providing both period and Society examples
68 7/1993 Domestic Lighting: Candles, Lamps, and Torches in History
An exploration of the various sources of light and how fashion and styles have changed
69 9/1993 The Development of the Coat of Plates
An introduction into the development of the coat of plates and the brigandine in the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries
70 11/1993 The World's Oldest Dance: The Origins of Belly Dancing
71 1/1994 Period Pastimes
Being a timeline of games with instructions and commentary on selected games played in medieval Europe
72 3/1994 A'ineh: Oriental Mirror Armour
73 5/1994 The Best of Chronique, The Journal of Chivalry
74 7/1994 Dance: The Playbeau Interview
A dialogue concerning the history of various European social dances
75 9/1994 Vestarios: Clothing of the Eastern Roman Empire
76 11/1994 A Dreamer's Travels
Being the Adventures of a Pilgrim In the Current Middle Ages Related as an Allegorical Tale In the Style of the Time Wherein He Meets Many Curious Folk And Learns Wherein Lies The Dream Thru Divers Curious Adventures and Entertaining Travels In an Enchanted Country
77 1/1995 Medieval Baskets
78 3/1995 Non-European Games: Contemporary with the Medieval Period of European Civilization
79 5/1995 From the Kitchen of Castle Gillywick
Medieval recipes with a story attached to each one
80 7/1995 Things to Wear, Clothing of the Heian Period Japan
Japanese clothing for men and women
81 9/1995 Period Metrology: A Study of Measurement, Part I
82 11/1995 Period Metrology: A Study of Measurement, Part II
83 1/1996 University of Paris: Higher Education in the Middle Ages
84 3/1996 Handgonnes in the Middle Ages: A Short History and Manual
85 5/1996 Book Binding: Material and Techniques
86 7/1996 A Stitch Out of Time: 14th and 15th Century German Counted Thread Embroidery
87 9/1996 Spinning With a Medieval Twist
Spinning with distaff and wheel
88 11/1996 Beyond Prowess
Studying chivalric literature
89 1/1997 The Art of Papermaking
90 3/1997 Elizabethan Underpinnings for Women
91 5/1997 Early Child Ballads
92 7/1997 Stained Glass Throughout the Middle Ages
93 9/1997 Period Chronology
94 11/1997 Deeds of Arms
Medieval accounts of challenges, jousts, and tournaments
95 1/1998 Period Chronology
Volume I: A-L
96 3/1998 Period Chronology
Volume II: M-Z
97 5/1998 The King Seeks More Aids?
Two views of the Third Crusade
98 7/1998 The Lord Chateleyn's Men
The development of an Elizabethan player's company
99 9/1998 Life in Thirteenth Century Novgorod
100 11/1998 A Veiled Reference
101 1/1999 Western Dance 1450-1650
102 3/1999 French Food in the Renaissance: A Survey of Recipes from the 14th to the 17th Centuries
103 5/1999 The Gaelic Truibas
A brief history of and construction techniques for medieval Irish pants
104 7/1999 The Kings and Queens of England: A Primer
105 9/1999 A Few Minutes on Books of Hours: An Initial Inquiry
106 11/1999 Precious Stones and Their Virtues
107 1/2000 The Art of Anglo-Norman Warfare, 1066-1181
108 7/2000 Fingerloop Braids
109 10/2000 The Colorful Cook
Animal-, plant-, and mineral-based coloring agents; the candying process; and comfits
110 1/2001 An SCA Guide to Jewish Persona
Includes a timeline of Jewish history, major trends and influences in medieval Judaism, Hebrew equivalents of SCA titles, and articles on SCA-period Jewish clothing, warriors, heraldry, women, and naming conventions
111 4/2001 Introduction to Medieval Latin
Elementary Latin, including guidelines for pronunciation, a history of Latin usage in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, information about creating a Latin motto, and lessons on translating Latin
112 7/2001 Yours Whilst Life Swayeth in Mine Inward Parts: Letters in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and Renaissance
113 10/2001 Autocratting 101: A Comprehensive Guide for Planning SCA Events
114 1/2002 Perugia Towels
History of a brocaded textile used for towels and tablecloths since the Middle Ages; includes weaving instructions and charted drafts
115 4/2002 Wrought with Flowers of Black Silk
An in-depth exploration of a popular style of blackwork embroidery fashionable in the late 16th century, with outlines and patterns based on period examples
116 7/2002 I See By Your Outfit: Order Robes, Historical and Modern
117 10/2002 The Sonnet Unbound: Elizabethan Sonnets as Experimental Poetry
A history of the Elizabethan sonnet, with a table of 118 different rhyme schemes from 16th century English fourteen-line sonnets.
118 1/2003 Characteristically Pictish: An Analysis of Ornament on Carved Stone
119 4/2003 Persian Court Costume and Dance in the 16th Century
120 4/2003 Making Medieval Mead, or Mead Before Digby
Includes 22 recipes from sources dating to before 1600, and 22 more from the early 17th century
121 10/2003 European Woodworking Tools, 600-1600 C.E.
122 1/2004 Falconry
123 4/2004 Lo Spozalizio del Mare: "The Wedding with the Sea"
124 7/2004 Elle S'Habille en Bliaut: Haute Couture of the 12th Century
125 10/2004 Greyhounds and Coursing in the SCA
126 1/2005 Good Jakkes of Defense
The Historical Development and Construction of a Jack of Plate
127 4/2005 Techniques of Medieval and Renaissance Painting
128 7/2005 A Polish Miscellany
129 10/2005 From Woad to Blue
130 1/2006 Creating a Reticella Rosette
131 4/2006 Making Elizabethan Gloves
132 7/2006 The Templars and The Hospitallers: Fighting for God, Praying for War
133 10/2006 Headdresses of the 14th and 15th Centuries
134 1/2007 A Practical Guide to Medieval Adhesives
135 4/2007 Bedes Byddyng: Medieval Rosaries and Paternoster Beads
136 7/2007 Hygiene of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Volume I: Personal Grooming
137 10/2007 Hygiene of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Volume II: Domestic Arrangements
138 1/2008 Around the House: A Medieval Child’s Guide to Useful Skills
139 4/2008 When Work Is Done: A Medieval Child’s Guide to Playful Pastimes
140 7/2008 The Basic Craft of Turnshoes: Basic skills used to make common turnshoes
141 10/2008 The Origins of Mead
142 1/2009 St. John's Day
143 4/2009 Skyr and Mysa: Viking Curds and Whey
144 7/2009 Unveiling the Truth: Medieval Women’s Hairstyles, Volume I: Hairstyling Tools and Easy Hair Fashions from 600 to 1500
145 10/2009 Unveiling the Truth: Medieval Women’s Hairstyles, Volume II: Complex Hair Fashions Before 1500
146 1/2010 Hurling a Shower of Great Stones: The History of Slings in Europe
Errata sheet for issue #146: Word document | PDF document
147 4/2010 The Astrolabe, Vol 1
148 7/2010 The Astrolabe, Vol 2
149 10/2010 A Cookbook for the Modern Humours
Errata sheet for issue #149: Word document | PDF document
150 1/2011 Early Medieval Arms and Armor: a Bibliography
151 4/2011 The Three Nights of Daniel du Pau
152 7/2011 How to Prepare a Successful Feast
153 10/2011 Painted Flags of the Late Middle Ages
154 1/2012 An Introduction to the Tudor & Elizabethan House
155 4/2012 Because I Am A Fisher
156 7/2012 Carolingian Foodways
157 10/2012 Intoxicating Beverages in the Middle East
158 1/2013 Medieval Views of Color
color illustrations
159 4/2013 Unique Ministerials: Knightly Serfs
160 7/2013 A Survey of Late Sixteen/Early Seventeenth Century Embroidered Jackets
161 10/2013 Chronicle of a Coracle: the History and Making of a Hide-Covered Boat
162 1/2014 Christine de Pizan: a Medieval Voice for Women
163 4/2014 Confections and the English Banquet
Appendix to 163
164 7/2014 Casks, Kegs, and Other Brewing Measurements in Medieval England
165 10/2014 Sculptural Sugar Paste: A Subtlety Art
Correction to Issue #165: Cover Photo credit: Susan Kell
166 1/2015 The Gentle Art of Being a Consort
167 4/2015 Composing SCA Award Texts
168 7/2015 German Peasant Clothing: 1510-1540
169 10/2015 Decorated Eggs and Pysanky
170 1/2016 To the Hilt: An Examination of Sword Hilts, 1460-1600
171 4/2016 Medieval Brewing
172 7/2016 Characters and Scenarios of Early Commedia dell'Arte
173 10/2016 Bring Sixteenth-Century Commedia Dell'Arte to Life
174 1/2017 To Make Black Sope: A Medieval Soft Soap Manual
175 4/2017 The Book of the Order of Chivalry
176 7/2017 Of Hony; Brewing Medieval and Renaissance Mead
177 10/2017 The Will and Testament of Kale Pakouriane; An 11th Century Byzantine Noblewoman’s Closet
178 2018 Dead Man Walking: Preventing the Return of the Dead
179 2018 On Iron and Steel
180 2018 Old Norse - Icelandic Poetry and Poetics
181 2018 The Rise and Fall of Gruit: Low Country Herbal Beer
182 2018 The Strategies of Defense with a Single Sword
183 2019 The Eltham Ordinances

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