As a family-friendly organization, the Society knows that young people are an essential part of a thriving SCA community.  As such, the SCA is seeking applicants for the role of Society Youth Programs officer.  This is a new volunteer position, charged with encouraging and facilitating youth and family engagement in the SCA. These activities will give young people the ability to have their voices heard, be involved in activities and events, and celebrate their contribution to the Society.

You will work with Kingdom Youth Officers, engaging with them regularly, holding meetings via video conference at least once a quarter or more as desired/required. You are passionate about the development of high quality, fun and educational youth programs and providing safe opportunities for engagement in the Society for children, youth, and families. Working as a Deputy to the Society Seneschal, you will develop resources and assist kingdoms to develop fit-for-purpose youth programs that are compliant with the Society’s youth policies and local jurisdictions’ requirements.  You will report on a quarterly basis to the Society Seneschal and the Board.

The purpose of this office is to promote and encourage youth and family-friendly activities within the SCA.  We want our younger members to feel safe and to be involved in as many different aspects of the SCA as possible.

The successful candidate should have:

Interested applicants should send a letter of interest, together with modern resumé and SCA qualifications, hard-copy to:

Louise Du Cray
Society for Creative Anachronism
P.O. Box 611928, San Jose, CA 95161

with courtesy copies sent to [email protected] and [email protected].

Applications close August 31, 2022.