Society Marshal

Out-Of-Kingdom Authorizations


It seems this is coming up again, perhaps due to a resurgence of interest in rapier fighting from those gentles living in Calontir.

Yes, according to the Society Marshal's Handbook, you may not issue authorizations to persons residing in other Kingdoms unless they are considered a member of the issuing Kingdom (which I know of 1 or 2 cases, but it is exceedingly rare).

There *is* however an exception to this rule. The details of that exception are spelled out below. What this means is that a subject of any Kingdom that does not allow rapier combat (currently only Calontir) may seek to authorize in rapier combat under the rules of another Kingdom.

Note that it is from only *one* other kingdom (they can't get light rapier single blade from here, heavy rapier case from there).

The only requirements (beyond those normal for a rapier authorization) are that the "sponsoring" Kingdom's KRM track said individuals by name. To authorize someone, a KRM needs to be willing to back up whichever marshal said "they are safe". So, there's no border requirements. A Calontiri could have a Lochac authorization, assuming they could somehow convince the Lochac KRM that they pass said authorization.

I expect most of these authorizations will come from the Kingdoms that border Calontir (such as the Middle or Ansteorra). But if someone moved to Calontir from Atlantia, the Atlantian KRM could allow him to keep his authorization card simply by taking on the slight administrative burden of tracking it. All other normal authorization and re-authorization processes apply.

Reminder to KRM's - I need you to keep track of these fighters by name. You or your Minister of the Lists should have all the pertinent information (address etc...) in your normal paperwork. I only need you to report to me on total numbers "sponsored".
Trust me, I'll get back to you if I need a specific name.

Baron Aedan Aylwyn
Society Rapier Marshal
21 November, 2004

Here's the reference from the Minutes of the January 1999 Board meeting:
> -----
> IV Old Business
> F Society Marshal's October 1998 report Action Item (2) - Fencing
> Authorizations
> Mickael Ely (Comar Gyr Mirand) has proposed a policy which allows the
> Deputy Society Marshal for Period Fencing to issue authorization cards
> for members residing in those kingdoms that do not have period fencing.
> This would permit members who travel outside their home kingdom to
> obtain an authorization card under the current rules.
> Motion by Fernando Vigil to allow individuals who live in a kingdom
> which does not allow rapier combat, but who wish to participate in such
> activity, to authorize in rapier combat in a single other kingdom,
> using the rules of rapier combat of that other kingdom. Seconded by
> Matt Larsen. In favor: Michael Cohen, Matt Larsen, Keith MacInnes,Ira
> Robinson, Fernando Vigil. Opposed: Mark Long. Motion carried.