There are hundreds of local SCA chapters around the world, located within the SCA’s 20 “kingdoms”. Here’s how to find the group nearest you:

  1. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, see below.
  2. Use our kingdom lookup tool to find the kingdom containing your state, province, or country. It will return a link for that kingdom’s webpage.
  3. On your kingdom’s website, look for Local Groups
    • The link might be called “Local Branches”, “Lands”, “Maps”, or “Territories”.
    • Check under “Newcomers” or “New to the SCA?”
    • Some kingdoms have a form that allows you to look up your local group.
  4. The listing for your local group will describe the town/county/area it covers, list a local contact person, and often has a link to the local group’s website.

Need More Help?

If you cannot tell which group is local to you: every kingdom has a Newcomers’ Officer (usually called the “Chatelaine”, “Hospitaller”, or “Castellan”). On the kingdom website, look for “Officers” or “New to the SCA?” If you cannot reach them for some reason, contact the Society Chatelaine.

You can also contact your kingdom’s “Seneschal” (the regional Vice President). They will also be listed on the “Officers” webpage (and their email address is usually “seneschal@” followed by the kingdom website name).

When phoning an SCA officer, it’s best to ask for them by their legal name, even if their SCA name is listed. Most of these people are at work during the day, so please call after working hours, and before 10 p.m. (2200 hours) their local time.

Local Groups in Australia and New Zealand

There are webpages to help you find the local groups in Australia and New Zealand, or you can write to the Australian registrar or New Zealand registrar.