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During its March 20, 2006 conference call, the Board discussed the Society Seneschal's need for a method of quickly, but temporarily removing an individual from participation at SCA activities. Currently, no such mechanism exists. This capability would be particularly useful in situations where an individual is engaged in a lengthy criminal trial with no clear end. Rather than requiring a series of Absolute Banishments to be prepared by Royalty, Kingdom and Society Seneschals until the trial's conclusion (which could potentially span many reigns producing much redundant paperwork), this would allow the Society Seneschal to continue the original action and suspend an individual's participation until a resolution is reached.

It is important to note that this in no way addresses or restricts the rights and responsibilities of Royalty to invoke sanctions as appropriate.

The Board proposes the following addition to Corpora as a new Section X.C. Administrative Suspension of Participation (renumbering subsequent Sections as appropriate):

C. Administrative Suspension of Participation.

The Society Seneschal may, when necessary, or when Royal Sanctions are inappropriate or logistically impractical, impose an Administrative Suspension of Participation on an individual. This precludes the sanctioned individual from attending any SCA function in any realm. Reasons for this form of sanction might include, but are not limited to, when an individual is under investigation by a modern-era agency, when an individual is under investigation for a Revocation and Denial of Membership, or when an individual's behavior or actions negatively affect the Society.

The Administrative Suspension of Participation is effective immediately upon proclamation by the Society Seneschal. The suspension must be for a specified period of time or meet specific criteria; for example, six months, the duration of a specific event, until the conclusion of legal proceedings, etc. A duration may not be indefinite. This does not, however, preclude the Society Seneschal from immediately renewing an Administrative Suspension of Participation.

1. Notification:

The Society Seneschal must inform the sanctioned individual, Crown of the realm of the sanctioned individual, and the Board of Directors, as to the specific cause and occasion of the sanction. This notification must be made in writing within ten business days.

2. Review:

An Administrative Suspension of Participation will be automatically reviewed by the Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting after proclamation. Active sanctions shall be included with the Society Seneschal's quarterly report to the Board for review.

If a sanction is determined to be without merit or has been unfairly imposed, the sanction will be lifted and the Society Seneschal will be subject to sanctions.

The Directors request comments from the membership regarding this proposed revision no later than July 1st, 2006. Please send them to:

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